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Solar Water Heater

Sunoptimo, a solar thermal adventure from Belgium

Sunoptimo has become a major player in the sphere of large scale solar thermal systems.
Lots of building owners from whole Europe have already chosen for a Sunoptimo installation.

Sunoptimo’s focus is above all the collective solar thermal  market, then the market for combined systems and by extension, the individual market.

It is in the large installation segment that the technologies offered by Sunoptimo bring the most benefits and encounter the least competition. It is also a market that requires the real expertise that Sunoptimo can offer. Products Sunoptimo offers to individuals are derived from the collective range.

  • All the solar systems offered by Sunoptimo operate according to the original Drainback principle which has numerous advantages when compared to a conventional “pressurized” system.
  • All three SunOptimo founders have more than 20 years of experience in the solar heating industry. Their experience not only helped their better understanding of the market and avoiding errors, but also the use of innovative and convenient technology based on Optimum Sizing.
  • The Opticube is an easy and large ‘all-in-one’ solar thermal kit, removing the barriers to solar thermal industry development. All the technical complexity has been considered and integrated in a 20 feet container.
  • The hydraulic part is entirely pre-assembled: what remains to be done on site is the mounting of the metallic structure and the collectors, which can be handled quickly and easily by anyone.
  • This system brings up to 40% total cost reduction in relation to a classic solar thermal installation, resulting in a 100% green energy.

    Save the planet, save your money!

The Opticube range is composed of complete kits from 30 m² to 300 m² in one piece. Those kits can be multiplied to become the ideal solution for any project requiring from 30 to 3.000 m² of solar thermal collectors.

Components of an Opticube

  • A container made up of all pre-assembled hydraulic equipment.
  • A set of solar collectors.
  • A metal structure that can be installed quickly and easily by anyone.

All the necessary predictions have already been made, and only by following the manual can simply complete the installation and launch process within two or three days.

Advantages of Opticube

  • The mounting is easy and requires very limited time = decrease of the total cost
  • High performance solar collectors = more return on investment
  • Pre-mounting of the hydraulic components, easy collectors installation
  • Long life expectancy
  • Can be disassembled and moved for a very limited cost

Integration of the Opticube

The integration of the Opticube into the existing heating system is very easy and can be done by diverting all or part of the water that is entering cold into the boiler room, through the Opticube.

Depending on the solar power and/or the solar energy stored, the water will then enter the boiler room either at the already required temperature or will be pre-heated so that the backup will need to consume less energy for the rest of the heating.

Two types of technology

1. Drainback Sunoptimo

  • The pump is off, the air takes place in the collectors, instead of the fluid
  • No overheating of the fluid: no worsening of it
  • No technical limits: Optimum Sizing is possible
  • Passive protection of the system
  • Low technical maintenance

2. Pressurized systems

  • The pump is off, the fluid stays in the collectors
  • Overheating, the fluid deteriorates
  • Technical limit due to overheating: sizing limit is about 45%
  • Lot of technical maintenance

Calculation Method

Identify the geographic area of your project in order to determine the approximate amount of energy the sun provides in your area. Iran is located in zone 3. The following graph gives you an idea of how much energy the sun can bring you according to the size of the selected Opticube model.

Finding the best solar surface according to the desired savings (solar fraction).

Your needs in energy are key information to choose the Opticube size.
If you know your daily hot water consumption or your annual kWh (or MWh) need, use the known data. Otherwise, here are some examples often used to assess your consumption.

The different versions of this system make its set-up possible everywhere.

The Opticube product range

You can also download the product catalog and get the information you need.

Product Main Features

Sunoptimo Solar Water Heater: Opticube

Number of collectors (solar absorption plates): 6 to 120

Capacity of reservoirs: 150 up to 9000 liters

Designed and manufactured: Belgium

Price: Please contact us!

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