Radman Green Energy

Leading in providing clean energy services and the official agent of the world's leading companies in Iran


Official distributor of AE SOLAR products in Iran

Radman Green Energy, the official distributor of AE Solar panels in Iran. Since its establishment in 2003, AE Solar has been steadily progressing and trying to improve its quality and be the best in the photovoltaic market. As a manufacturer and producer of AE Solar panels and its equipment, this German company always offers the best products…

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Hot Spot

Hot spots are areas of elevated temperature affecting only part of the solar panel. They are a result of a localized decrease in efficiency, which results in lower power output and an acceleration of the materials degradation in the affected area. Solar panels generate significant power and hot spots can occur when some of that…

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The Complete Guide to Buy Solar Panels

Do you want to get a free and renewable energy for free and using a solar system? Want to reduce your monthly electricity costs? To get such facilities, it is best to take solar panels. Setting up a solar cell is a small, cost-effective business. Today, there is a lot of advertising for the use…

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